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Independent Verification & Validation​

IV&V is a process of evaluating products or systems to ensure compliance with quality standards. Our company ensure that the software or system meets the required standards, specifications, and business objectives.


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IV&V Services

IV&V Team Services

Benefits of IV&V services

IV&V is crucial to ensure that the system quality meets the criteria set by stakeholders when it is launched in the future


The quality of software, the environment, and the hardware for the systems can be improved through early detection and correction.


Gathering lessons learned as valuable input for enhancing future endeavors, including practices, procedures, and other areas of improvement.

Reduce Risk

Minimizing the chances of project failure by implementing strategic risk management measures.

Quality Gate Scope

In the provision of IV&V services, the IV&V team will be involved in various stages of Quality Gates that align with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) project

Quality Gate 1

Quality Gate 2

Quality Gate 3

Quality Gate 4

Maintenance activities, including IV&V functional testing, IV&V non-functional testing, and function point count (FPC), are encompassed within our gate scope to ensure comprehensive software quality assurance.

Ensuring High-Quality Systems and Compliance

As the use of ICT becomes more prominent in the Public Sector, software testing activities are also moving in the same direction to ensure that the developed systems align with user requirements and meet high-quality standards.

IV&V service providers are also required to meet the recognition of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by the Department of Standards Malaysia, as well as qualify for TMMI level 3 or higher.

The appointment of IV&V services is crucial to ensure that the system quality meets the criteria set by the and stakeholders when it is launched in the future.

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