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Streamlining Software Testing with Smoke Testing

At AL AiN, we determine if the build passes the initial test, allowing for further testing, or if significant issues require immediate attention before proceeding.

Why Conduct Smoke Testing?

We conduct smoke testing to quickly evaluate the basic functionality of an application or system after changes or updates. It involves running a set of predefined tests to check if the critical functionalities are working correctly and if any major issues or errors are present.

Early Detection of Critical Issues

By conducting smoke testing, we can proactively identify crucial issues and defects in the early stages of software development. Through running basic tests on essential functionalities, we swiftly detect any showstopper issues that could hinder further testing or deployment.

Time and Effort Efficiency

Performing smoke testing during the early stages of our testing process allows us to streamline our overall testing approach. By prioritizing key functionalities and confirming their basic functionality, we can identify and address major issues at an early stage.

Types Of Smoke Testing​

Augmented testing delivers higher software quality and improved user satisfaction to our clients by combining skilled testers with advanced automation and AI technologies.

Manual Smoke Testing

As software testers company, we conduct smoke tests manually, which involves developing and updating test cases ourselves. Our teams also write test scripts for new or existing features using our own expertise.

Automated Smoke Testing

We utilize software tools to automate the smoke testing process, enhancing its efficiency. Using smoke testing tools automates relevant test execution, streamlining and improving the effectiveness of the testing process.

Hybrid Smoke Testing

In our testing approach, we adopt hybrid testing, which involves a combination of manual and automated smoke testing. We, as testers, write the test cases and then utilize a tool to automate the execution of those tests.

How to perform a smoke test?

In our team, we are responsible for writing and updating the smoke tests in manual testing, manually modifying scripts to fit specific requirements. For automated smoke tests, we rely on additional tools to swiftly test core features. In hybrid smoke tests, we create the test cases ourselves while using automated tools for smoke testing.

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